1/22 HW

Math- lessons 14 and 15 homework in workbook

  • Pg 75, 76 (A, C), 77 (4a, 4d, 5b, 5c, 5f)
  • Pg 82, pg 83 (2 a-d) 

 Word Study- finish vocabulary packet

Reading- 30 minutes 

  • We will have a reading comprehension test tomorrow 

Reminders: Bring in materials for Mystery Science chain reaction (dominoes or Jenga blocks are needed) 

  • Dominoes or objects that will topple like dominoes (dominoes built of LEGO bricks, cassette tapes, paperback books, markers standing on end, etc.)
  • String
  • Things that roll (empty cans, toy cars, rubber balls, markers lying down, toilet-paper tubes)