1/22 HW

Math- lessons 14 and 15 homework in workbook

  • Pg 75, 76 (A, C), 77 (4a, 4d, 5b, 5c, 5f)
  • Pg 82, pg 83 (2 a-d) 

 Word Study- finish vocabulary packet

Reading- 30 minutes 

  • We will have a reading comprehension test tomorrow 

Reminders: Bring in materials for Mystery Science chain reaction (dominoes or Jenga blocks are needed) 

  • Dominoes or objects that will topple like dominoes (dominoes built of LEGO bricks, cassette tapes, paperback books, markers standing on end, etc.)
  • String
  • Things that roll (empty cans, toy cars, rubber balls, markers lying down, toilet-paper tubes)

1/21 HW

Math- lessons 12 and 13 homework in workbook 

Word Study- 175-176 in vocabulary packet

  • Meaningful sentences for root words in notebook 

Reading- 30 minutes

Important January Dates


  • Latin begins
  • Math Quiz lessons 1-6 (M5)
  • Vocabulary Quiz Unit 15
  • Theme Quiz

1/14 and 1/15

  • RALLY Math days 1 and 2


  • Math Quiz
  • Vocabulary Quiz unit 16
  • Poetry project session


1/20- No school

1/24- January Birthday Celebration

  • Math Quiz
  • Vocabulary Unit 17 quiz


  • math quiz
  • vocabulary unit 18 quiz

1/9/2020 Homework

Math- lessons 7 and 8 homework in workbook

  • Study for quiz tomorrow on lessons 1-6 

Word Study- picture definitions or word story 

  • Study for quiz tomorrow on unit 15 


  • short quiz reviewing theme 
  • Poetry Project (1st) and Latin class (6th) will be held tomorrow


Please bring in 3 folders by Monday that will be used to organize your assessments. 

Notice was posted on Jupiter. 

1/3/2020 Homework

Math- lesson 2 homework in workbook

Word Study- vocabulary unit 15 packey pages 150-154

  • Glue root words in vocabulary notebook and write definitions 

Writing- complete published copy of myth and hand in on Monday morning 


Reminder: Book Buddies starts next Wednesday and Latin starts next Friday 

Rally ELA 1/8 and 1/9 

12/17 Homework

Math- lesson 36 homework in workbook 

  • Start reviewing for Module 3 assessment on Friday 

Word Study- finish vocabulary packet 

Writing- finish 2nd draft of myth (skip lines!) 

Reminder: Tacky/Ugly Holiday Sweater Dress Down tomorrow! 

Class potluck tomorrow after lunch (12:06-1:50) 

12/12 Homework

Math- lesson 33 homework in workbook

Writing- 1st draft of Myth due Monday 12/16


Reminder: MoMath trip is tomorrow, please come to school on time!

  • Dress down
  • Pack a lunch and snacks 

12/11 Homework

Math- lessons 31 and 32 homework in workbook

  • Study for weekly quiz tomorrow (lessons 28-31) 

Word Study- picture definitions or word story 

  • If you want your story or pictures to be posted on our vocabulary board please do your BEST work 
  • Study for unit 13 quiz 

Writing- complete steps 1-5 in your myth packet 

Reminder: Our MoMath trip is Friday! Dress down and please bring snacks and lunch. 


Look Ahead: Tuesday 12/17- Math quiz lessons 32-35

Friday 12/20 Module 3 End of Module Assessment

12/10 Homework

Math- lesson 30 homework in workbook

Word Study- finish vocabulary packet

  • Write meaningful sentences for each root word 

Reading- 30 minutes 


Weekly quizzes will be on Thursday 12/12 (math lessons 28-31) 

MoMath trip is on Friday 12/13