“Where Children Come First”

At the Talented and Gifted School for Young Scholars faculties, parents and students work together to prepare all students to excel in life and develop to their full potential, both intellectually and socially. As part of a collaborative effort we seek to:

  • Inspire inquiry, creativity, and achievement for all of our students
  • Inspire compassion, integrity, and respect for all humanity
  • Cultivate the belief that we are all life-long learners

Believing in the dignity and worth of each individual, whether adult or child, we recognize our responsibility to provide an educational program that stimulates and challenges each person to realize his/her maximum potential in a nurturing, caring environment free from violence and conflicts.

Through this collaborative effort, which encourages and supports open communication among all constituencies, we will:

  • Promote physical and social-emotional well-being
  • Recognize and develop, in all students, their individual interests and talents
  • Provide a strong educational program in which all students are encouraged to develop critical and creative thinking skills
  • Design meaningful educational experiences that promote academic and personal growth and challenge students to reach their full potential
  • Select, develop, and maintain a professional and supportive staff sensitive to the instructional and emotional needs of each student, dedicated to providing a quality education, and who have a genuine love of children and an interest in helping the students we are fortunate to serve develop into positive members of our society
  • Engage in ongoing self-evaluation that ensures, as an educational learning community, that we are effectively working to achieve our own goals and those of the Department of Education.