Artsonia 2019/2020

Dear Families,

Our school is a member of, an online student art museum. manages school art galleries in a safe and educational way. It also develops students’ pride and self-esteem while involving parents and relatives in student arts education.
Students may write an artist statement for their work and include a title for each piece. They can also upload artwork done outside of school in a personal gallery. You and friends can become “fan club members” and leave comments for the artists.

The benefits of are numerous.
– Our school receives monetary awards through raffles for the number of artworks posted on the Artsonia website.
– With parental consent, each student has a virtual portfolio of completed artwork. This can be viewed by friends and family anytime on the Artsonia website.
– Various art contests are supported by Artsonia and results can be viewed on the website.
– For family and friends interested in buying Artsonia gift items online, 20% of the purchase price is donated to the TAG School art program.

Parents must grant permission for their child’s artwork to be viewed on the site ONLINE using a valid email account. If you are new to the TAG community, or if you have not given permission online in the past, you may grant permission on the website. You will receive an invitation via email from Please give consent for your child to participate in this valuable learning experience in the arts.

Ms. Tabrizi