12/3/19 HW

Homework: Due Wednesday 12/4/2019

  1. Literature Circles: Read Chapters 7 & 8 of Eagle Song and complete your assigned role
  2. Math: Module 3 L 21 HW
  3. Word Study: “Completing the Sentences” & “Word study” sections for unit 12
  4. Vocabulary: Write a meaningful sentence for each of the “astr” root words
  5. Bring in a Myth from your culture or one that you have read before

Due Thursday 12/5:

  1. Iroquois Essay Publish

Upcoming Assessments:

Thursday 12/5

Eagle Song Quiz


Math: Module 3 Exit Tickets 20-23

Word Study: Unit 12 Quiz

Upcoming Events: Sign up for the 12/18 potluck