Homework 3/24

1. Math- Complete the rest of the packet from this week. 2. Word Study- Complete the first two pages of Ch. 26 packet. 3. ELA- Hattie Big Sky Packet- The 2 short responses and planning page should have been completed in class. If not, finish it. Reminders: – Permission Slip & $ due for Lion Read More …

Homework, 3/24

Homework 3/24 Vocabulary: Complete the front and back of the first page for chapter 26. Math: Complete the subtraction and long division worksheets from math packet. Return permission slip. Bring in reusable shopping bag.

Homework 3/23

1. Math- Complete the second page of the Math packet. 2. ELA- Finish the extended response from today if did not finish in class. Reminders: – Make sure you bring in a heavy duty bag to empty out the contents of your desk. – Weekly assessments tomorrow. – Permission Slips and $ for trips.

Homework 3/22

1. Math- Complete the first page of your packet. 2. ELA- Revise your response from yesterday based on the feedback received in class. (Sheep) Reminders: – Permission Slip for the Lion King trip . – Mock Math Exam tomorrow. – Weekly Assessments on Friday.

Homework, 3/22

Homework 3/22 Vocabulary: Write a story using at least 8 words. Math: Adding mixed numbers worksheet. Writer’s Workshop: Complete extended response if not done in class. Return The Lion King permission slip.

Homework 3/21

1. Math- Complete handout- using any strategy. Must show work. 2. Word Study- Sentences with context clues. 3. ELA- Finish the extended response for “Sheep”. Use the checklist to make sure you’re addressing all the required components. Reminders: Dwight School Swim Meeting for parents tomorrow.