Homework 4/28

1. Math- (a) Complete 2016 Book 3 Packet. (b) Complete the work that you did not finish in class today. 2. Magazine Project- (a) Revised first article with the feedback you received today. (b) Second article is due Monday. Reminders: – NYS Math Exams – Tuesday 5/2- Thursday 5/4. – Bring in a STURDY bag Read More …

Homework 4/27

1. Math- Complete Math packet up to question 19. Skip question 2 & 4. 2. Word Study- Create a story using the words from this week. 3. Magazine Project- One article due tomorrow. Reminders: Weekly assessment tomorrow.

Homework 4/25

1. Math- Make corrections and get your Math test signed. 2. Word Study- Sentences with context clues. Reminders: – Swimming tomorrow. – Weekly assessments on Friday.

Homework 4/21

1. Math- Complete q. 13-20 of your Math packet. 2. Word Study- Complete first two pages of Ch.28 packet. 3. Science- Complete packet from Ms. Bernstein. Quiz on Monday. 4. Continue to gather research on your topic for your nonfiction magazine. You should be bringing in research on Monday.

Homework 4/20

1. Math- (a) Complete q. 1-12 of your Math packet. (b) Completed Algebraic Word problem due tomorrow. 2. Word Study- Study for tomorrow’s quiz. 3. Science- Complete packet from Ms. Bernstein. Quiz on Monday. 4. Nonfiction Text Structure Magazine. You should have decided on a topic already.

Homework 4/19

1. Math – Finish your multi-step word problem with a variable. You should have visuals with a solution showing your work and answer statement. 2. Word Study- Create a story using 8 of the words from this week. Reminders: Ch. 27 Word Study test Friday.

Spring Break Homework Due 4/19

Dear 4th Graders, Please read the assignments carefully, and bring the completed work back to school on April 19, 2017. – Vocabulary: Complete the Ch. 27 packet and write a sentence for each word. – Math: Complete the word problem packet. – Social Studies: Complete Protest Signs and Journals project started in class. Have a Read More …